About GoSarp

In a fast-paced world where everyone seems to be on the go, time-efficiency and accuracy are of the essence. Hence GoSarp. GoSarp puts the various car-rental services on one platform thus becoming a one-stop shop for customers and eliminating the stress of moving around in search of a desired vehicle. We provide customer-centred services, with a different touch, incorporating IT and international-standard operations to give customers a unique experience. Our clients have the option of choosing between self-driven or chauffer driven vehicles. With executives who have over a 12-year experience in the transport business, having set up and managed a successful car-rental company, we are well-equipped for the delivery of time-efficient, safe and affordable services without compromising on quality. We offer a 24-hour service to our clients. Each vehicle is equipped with all the safety gadgets and fully complies with the DVLA regulations in Ghana. The vehicles are fully air-conditioned, free wireless access, served snacks and entertainment system. The cars are obtained from accredited sources and are in top shape with comprehensive insurance. Your safety and comfort are guaranteed. Apart from providing good quality vehicles for our clients for all purposes and events, we also provide a comprehensive transport arrangement for Companies, Individuals and any group. (In weddings, funerals, other major events, we handle fleet management, and arrangements to bring the success of the event to fruition thus avoiding unnecessary delays and other inconveniences associated with it) We also work in partnership with airline companies for the issuance of tickets for domestic travel and to other destinations in West Africa.


To provide safe, convenient and time-efficient transport services with quality above the status quo.


To become a top-notch transport provider and the epitome of efficiency in Ghana and beyond

Our Services

  • Daily and long-term car rentals
  • Airport shuttle services
  • Cab services
  • Domestic Airline ticket sales (24 hrs)
  • Transport management
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